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Multi Catch Mouse Trap

This is a great set of mouse traps that can be used to control mice while they're about to cause a disturbance in your home. The two fronts of the trap have been made of strong plastic with venetian blinds to allow you to see what is coming and a catch system to keep the mouse alive while it's being captured. The trap can be easily recycled.

Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

By Tomcat


Multi Mouse Trap

Hi everyone, I'm here to talk about a multi mouse trap from the weenyweeny company. this mousetrap is amazing for keeping your mouse out of your hair and any other place it doesn't want to go. weenyweeny has a years old company and their mousetrap has been around for a long time now. it's a smallish sized trap with a magnetic system that comes with it. the trap is made out of plastic and it has a green color. it can be used to trap your mouse or any other also small mouse that comes into your room. so if you're looking for a mousetrap that is sure to keep your mouse out of your hair and keeping your room clean, this is the mousetrap for you. don't miss out on this multi mouse trap from the weenyweeny company.

Home Made Mouse Trap

This home made mouse trap is a great way to keep your property safe and protect your loved ones. The trap can be easily made with the help of simple materials and it can be. this new style mouse trap is perfect for your home as it has a stylish windowmulti catch mice trap can catch multi-purpose mice. With its stylish design and large catch area, this mouse trap is sure to get rid of all the mouseyness in your house. this multi-catch mouse trap is a great way to keep your cats safe. The house timer function ensures your cat never gets out of control again. The slide bucket makes it easy to get your cat in and out of the mouse trap. The lids make it easy to get your cat out of the mouse trap without getting in trouble. The bucket can be placed anywhere in your home and it will keep your cats safe. the mouse live trap cage is the perfect way to keep your mouse in your office without leaving your computer. It multi catch all the mice in your office, and it's always with you to close just in case of another mouseover.